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Getting Started

What is "Silo"?

A silo is a structure used for storing bulk materials such as grain, coal, cement, or other substances. In the context of information technology, the term "silo" is also used metaphorically to describe isolated and separate systems or databases that do not easily share information with each other. Breaking down these silos in IT typically refers to integrating systems or data to improve communication and collaboration across different parts of an organization.

Storage Size

Each silo can store up to a 5MB JSON file; our platform will automatically reject attempts to store files exceeding this limit.

Free vs Pro Plan

Flexible Pricing to Fit Your Needs.

Max Silo101 (1 Free)1
Storage Size5MB (Per Silo)5MB (Per Silo)
Requests limitUnlimitedUnlimited
Advance Cache
Switch RegionAsia and EUEU only
SupportEmail / Live Chat / DocsDocs Only