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Experience the excitement of Freemium JSON file hosting with JSONSilo! Our platform is meticulously crafted to provide you with a reliable and user-friendly experience in effortlessly managing your JSON data. It's made for developers, by developers – because we understand what you need!

Why JSONsilo?

Our platform makes managing your JSON files super easy with some cool features. You get unlimited requests, so no worries about hitting any limits when accessing your JSON files. Control who sees your files with our privacy setting – keep them just for yourself or share them with the world. Plus, you've got a generous 5 MB of storage space to keep all your JSON files safe and sound. Enjoy hassle-free JSON file management!

Use Cases

Here are some simple use cases that you can perform with JSONsilo:

  • Mobile apps / web apps that display static data and infrequently update data.
  • API mockups / Frontend data mockups.
  • Sharing JSON files (e.g., JSON configuration files, assets, raw data).